Meet Your Podiatrist...

Tahlia is our experienced Podiatrist who has a special interest in helping people of all ages to move well and feel great. She aims to keep you active now and in the long term!

For a number of years, Tahlia divided her time working across the Yorke Peninsula and at our Glenelg South Clinic while the clinic was operating as Podiatry Central. Having spent years working in the country, she is used to seeing all types of feet, including those “tricky” feet and looks forward to helping you with yours! 

Tahlia’s special interests include arch/heel pain (spurs), diabetic foot care and managing recurrent ingrown toenails. She is actually passionate about all forms of podiatry- routine nail/corn management, orthotic therapy and children’s feet! The variety in her job is one of the things Tahlia values most as a podiatrist, aside from having the opportunity to meet lots of fantastic people, like yourself. 

Prior to graduating as a podiatrist, Tahlia spent years working at The Athletes Foot, giving her a strong knowledge on all kinds of shoes. With an active interest in sports injuries, Tahlia has also completed further training in tendon management, mobilisation and dry needling. 

Tahlia looks forward to meeting you soon!